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Take Care Of Your Trees With These 5 Simple Tips

Jan 18

Our landscape's most valuable and hardworking component is trees. They save energy expenditures by shading our homes and neighbourhoods. They boost property prices, minimize pollution and erosion, and provide wildlife habitat. They also provide us with beauty and a calming presence in our daily lives. Whether you have a front and backyard full of lush greenery of various kinds and sizes, or simply a few modest maple trees in your front yard, it's critical to provide your greenery with the right care and attention to keep it growing lush and robust. It's critical to keep in mind that appropriate tree maintenance begins with the selection of the tree. And what you do to your tree throughout the first few years of its life will have an impact on its shape, strength, and even lifespan. If you follow these guidelines, your tree will have a healthy start in life.

5 Practical Tips To Keep Your Trees Healthy

Ask yourself: What do your trees need?

When it comes to maintaining trees, you must familiarize yourself with the tree species you have in your yard because different kinds of trees require different care methods. You have to consider the water requirements, the kind of soil that it flourishes in, the type of environment it needs to thrive, and if there are any specific needs that have to be met in caring for the tree. 

Pruning is Key

Making thinning cuts (removing complete branches at their origin) rather than heading cuts improves the structure and strength of your trees. Improper pruning, on the other hand, might harm your plants, causing instability and the spread of disease. Light pruning and the removal of deadwood can be done at any time of year, but there are a few things to keep in mind during the winter and summer months. Pruning appropriately and at the appropriate time can make a significant effect.

Root Protection

Healthy roots require healthy soil, and healthy roots necessitate healthy trees. To ensure that the soil around your tree is healthy enough to support its greens, make sure it isn't compacted, as this stops water and oxygen from reaching the tree's roots. Vehicles and heavy equipment should never be permitted to drive over tree roots. They compress the soil, lowering the amount of oxygen available and perhaps killing the roots.

Water, Water, Water

Trees' water requirements vary greatly, ranging from perfect drought tolerance to a steady supply of moist soil. Inform yourself of your trees' needs and provide them with the water they require to minimize stress, which can lead to illness and a variety of other issues. It's important not to overwater because it's just as bad. Overwatering is a common blunder in tree care. Damp is not equivalent to soggy. The difference can only be felt when you touch the soil with your bare hands.  A damp soil that has been allowed to dry for a brief time will allow sufficient oxygen to permeate the soil. In most cases, mature trees require one inch of water every week. During the first growing season or two, new trees require 4 to 10 gallons of water each week.


An easy technique to gradually improve soil is to keep a layer of mulch several inches thick over the root zone. Mulch benefits the tree by insulating the soil, which gives protection from the heat and cold and keeps the roots moist at all times. The growth of weeds is prevented and gives way to proper root development. Soil compaction can be avoided and lawn mower-related incidents can be reduced. Mulch breaks down slowly, much like compost, to add humus to the soil, which is the ingredient that gives topsoil its water and nutrient-holding capacity. Remove the grass beneath the tree and lay 2 to 4 inches of mulch to help your tree reap these benefits. Remember to avoid covering the trunk base! 

Take Care of Your Trees. Take Care of the Earth. 

Trees are an intrinsic source of shade and food for humans and wildlife, as well as aesthetic value in the landscape. They are mostly self-sufficient once established, but humans play a vital role in providing them with some assistance in staying healthy over the course of their existence. While generally keeping your trees healthy is very basic, if you have acres and acres worth of trees, regular upkeep may become an issue. It is better to hire reliable tree specialists like Reiners Tree Services in Melbourne. They are experts in tree pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, and tree maintenance.