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The real dangers of hiring Tree Professionals who are not licensed

Feb 4


Tree care work incidents may be more common than you think. The Tree Care Industry Association reported in 2016 that there were 153 tree care-related incidents in the United States. 92 of them were fatal. Due to the extensive work and heavy equipment, tree care can be extremely hazardous. If an unlicensed tree professional is injured while working on your property, you could be responsible for their medical costs.


The tree care that is not accompanied by authorization will likely not adhere to safe practices. Not only will your home's appearance suffer, but your home or business might also be more susceptible to tree damage.


To help you avoid the harm that an unlicensed tree professional could cause, Georgetown tree service is fully licensed to perform full tree care on your property.

Professionals who are not licensed to work in the tree industry don't live by the industry standards

Pruning and trimming are important services that your trees need. So, they can maintain manicured appearances, positively enhance your property's appearance, and will reach their full potential to grow.


The tree professionals who don't have a license often don't follow industry standards for trimming and pruning. They partake in detrimental practices such as tipping or topping both of which could result in unnecessary bark ripping and other injuries.


Georgetown Tree Service has licensed tree specialists who are capable of reducing unwanted branches to improve the health and safety of trees.


Unlicensed tree professionals could inflict damage on your home or your business.


It is often difficult to determine which direction the tree will fall due to the size of the tree and its current location. Professionals who aren't licensed could attempt to fell a tree on your vehicle, home, or even in your garden. This could result in costly damages.


Avoid tree damage by contacting our tree service that is licensed located in Fort Myers. We protect your home or business by making precisely cut to ensure your tree is safely removed from your property.


If a tree expert is not licensed or his employees suffer injuries it could be possible to be held responsible.

Tree care, particularly tree removal, is very dangerous. Unlicensed professionals often don't have the necessary skills to safely remove and trim trees in Georgetown.

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