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Is Winter the best time to trim trees?

Mar 24

Tree trimming in cold climates

When is the best time for planting your garden? Different vegetables grow at different times of the year. Fruit trees provide crops in certain months each year. Each season has its own maintenance requirements. Each season has a different climate that is more suitable for certain plants.

It is possible to notice that shrubs and trees grow fast in warmer months, such as spring and summer. All the beautiful flower varieties like daisies and sunflowers start to bloom. In autumn and winter, you'll see flower varieties like grevillea, turnip, onions and cabbage blooming.

Georgetown Tree Service Tree Trimming is best done at the right time. Winter is the best season for Georgetown tree trimming and pruning. In winter, trees can go dormant. Its growth can be almost stopped. This is the time to start removing unwanted branches.

Winter tree trimming - The benefits

Colder climate

As we mentioned, winter is when trees go dormant. Frost can slow down a tree's growth. Tree trimming can be difficult because it is hard to decide what to do. You can't see because of the thick foliage. By the time winter arrives, your tree will have lost all its leaves. This will allow you to see the canopy better. This will enable you to assess the tree better and make better decisions when cutting branches.

There is less pests around

Winter isn't the only time your tree goes dormant. While there are many pests that can inflict damage on trees and plants, they aren't all present everywhere. They might be dormant or not yet moved to your yard. If they don't have enough food, they won't attack your tree. Pruning your tree in the spring or summer can make it more susceptible to attack. Open wounds can be attacked by pests if they aren't treated in time.

Trees that are less stressed

Winter tree trimming in Georgetown has another benefit: it doesn’t encourage new growth. The cold weather will prevent them from growing new branches after you have removed older branches. Research also shows that tree wounds that have been left over from winter are less likely to heal when exposed to warm weather in spring. Because of the increased energy required for wound healing and new growth, trees will be more stressed if they have to remove branches in spring or summer. Trees that are under stress may be more vulnerable to pests and diseases.

Tree protection

Pruning trees during summer can pose a danger to other trees. Tree diseases can easily spread to other trees through bacteria, fungi, and insects. Tree branches can easily become infected with diseases. This is more common in spring and summer. They cannot withstand the cold so they are less likely to spread diseases among other trees.

Safety improvements

Winter can be dangerous because of dead and dying trees. If your area is subjected to strong winds or storms, there is a chance branches could snap or fall off. It is a good idea inspect your tree before winter starts and to remove any weak or brittle branches. This will effectively eliminate safety hazards. This will enable you to remove branches that could be causing damage to your home or surrounding properties.

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