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Benefits of Having a Tree in Your Yard

Oct 11

Many people dream of having a tree in the yard, but they are afraid of how it will look. This is because they assume tree care takes too much time and effort. You might be surprised to learn that there are many benefits to tree care that may outweigh any hesitations.
There are many benefits to Arborists Bend OR that people overlook. Trees provide shade as well as protection against strong winds. Trees also filter the air, making it more breathable. However, trees provide more benefits than just the ones we have already discussed.

There are many benefits to having trees in your garden

A simple and efficient energy saver

A young and strong tree can help you provide your house with a net cooling effect that is equivalent to 10 AC units operating for at most 20 hours per day. While it can take some time to allow a tree to grow to its full size, it's still an affordable investment. You might find it worthwhile to wait.

Environmental benefits

Trees have many benefits, not only for your energy bill but also for the environment. Trees naturally absorb greenhouse gasses such as nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide. It also removes carbon monoxide from the atmosphere and ozone. Trees also use carbon dioxide to produce their food, which in turn produces oxygen. Even one tree can remove at least 333,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per year.

Increases in property value

These perks aside, trees can increase your home's worth. Many believe that having trees or plants can increase your home's worth by up to 20 percent. This provides homeowners with a high return on investment for the minimal amount of maintenance it requires.

Attracts bees

Trees can be a refuge for bees as well as other pollinators. The best pollinators for your garden are bees and other insects. You can maintain your plants by having bees in your garden. The earth is dependent heavily on bees, in addition to these other benefits. You are also doing the environment a favor by planting a tree.

Murmurs walls

Another way to hide unwanted walls and fences around your home is to plant trees. It will make your home more attractive. You must ensure you plant the correct tree to avoid any unwanted growth. Unchecked fully-grown trees could cause damage to walls. To prevent this from happening, keep your tree in a safe place.

How to maintain your tree

These are just some of the many things you should consider if you intend to plant trees in your yard. Trees are not only beautiful for your yard, but also provide many benefits. You should ensure the tree complements your landscape if you are planning on having one. You want your yard to look beautiful, regardless of the season. It will create a tranquil space for your family and increase its value.


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