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How do I make my lawn thicker?

Dec 27


How can you make your lawn grass lusher and thicker? It's not something you can do in a matter of hours. You just need to have patience and a good lawn care routine. Let's look at some lawn maintenance tips from yard work Georgetown ky that will increase the thickness and growth of your lawn grass if done correctly.

1. Check Your Lawn Soil

Testing your lawn soil is a great way to identify any problems and make the necessary adjustments before you plant grass. To test your lawn soil, you can purchase a basic kit at Lawn Worx yard services. These kits are much cheaper and will provide immediate results. This might not provide you with an accurate result. 


Even though it may seem expensive, it is better to send your soil to a laboratory for testing. These lab tests will reveal what your soil needs and provide you with a recommendation for how to improve it. Then you can give your lawn soil all the nutrients it needs to grow thicker and fuller.

2. Overseed

You should not leave any areas of your garden unattended if your ultimate goal is to thicken and fill your lawn. You may find areas that are not populated or in patches on your lawn. Overseeing these areas is the best way to solve this kind of gardening problem. Overseeding can be used to cover these areas and make your lawn lusher and more beautiful.


Be sure to maintain the same type of grass in all areas. It provides uniformity and makes your garden look more appealing.

3. Aerate

There could be many reasons your grass might be less dense. One reason is compacted soil. The soil becomes compacted and the roots of grass cannot receive enough nutrients to grow properly. If your lawn is experiencing this problem, it is important to aerate the soil. You can aerate the lawn with an aerator, or a garden fork if you have a small lawn. The soil should be aerated so that the roots of the grass can get enough nutrients, water, and air to grow.

4. Proper Mowing

Sometimes, the grass doesn’t grow properly after you have mowed it. This is because you are not using the correct technique for mowing. It will hinder the growth of your grass. Proper mowing allows the sun to reach the grassroots and promotes grass growth. To grow thicker, fuller grass, cut your grass to a low height.


If you want your grass to straighten out, change the direction of your mowing. If you keep mowing your grass in one direction, the grass will grow in the opposite direction.

5. Take care of your lawn

Feeding your lawn is adding the right amount of fertilizers to keep it healthy. For proper growth, lawn grasses need to be fed with nutrients so that they can grow thicker and more fully. Knowing the correct N-P-K ratios is essential for every stage of grass growth. Also, the soil test can help us determine which nutrients are missing in the soil so we can take the appropriate action to fix it.


It would be a waste to apply extra potassium to a lawn that is deficient in nitrogen. For the best results, it is important to know the best times to apply fertilizers to your grass.

6. Water routinely

Your lawn will grow thicker and fuller if you use water. You can maintain a healthy lawn by following a proper watering schedule. You might notice a change in the grass' color during summer. You will need to water your grass immediately in such instances.


To keep your lawn hydrated, you can add a garden sprayer to it. Although you can water your lawn at any time, the best time is in the morning. It can promote lawn diseases if it isn't dried enough in the morning. Don't overwater your lawn. This can make it hard for the younger grasses to get a good hold of the soil. Your lawn should be watered to a depth of 10 cm, as this is appropriate for proper growth.

7. Dethatch

First, understand what the thatch means! It's the layer of dead organic matter below the grass leaves, and above the soil. This prevents the grass from receiving the essential nutrients it needs to grow.


If you find such layers in your lawn, it is best to remove them immediately. If you want your lawn to grow thicker and fuller, detach it now and again. If the layer is too thick, you can hire a professional from lawn and yard work.