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How often should you do yard work?

Dec 27


Mowing your lawn is an important part of maintaining a healthy lawn. Many factors influence the frequency of your lawn mowing. Consistency is key.


Remember that mowing is not about how often you mow, but rather how much grass you cut. Incorrect mowing can result in brown spots, weak roots, and burned grass. Here are some important things to keep in mind when you ask "How often should my lawn be mowed?"


Lawn worx yard services lawn care specialists recommend not removing more than 1/3 of the grass length in a single mow. The grass will brown faster if it is cut too often. The lower portion of the grass, which is usually longer, is shaded and almost completely white. Cut too short and the grass blade will easily burn if it is exposed to the sunlight.


When a significant length of the grass is cut at once, it can become smothered or moldy. The blades that have been cut will build up on the grass' surface, which can slow down its growth. Weeds can invade grass that is damaged or burned.


Different grass types have different optimal lengths. If you mow correctly, your grass can be kept longer or shorter.


Because the roots of the grass will be established and grow deeper, it is easier to maintain a longer length of the grass. Don't let your grass grow too long. You can maintain lush and long grass by sticking to a regular schedule, even if you mow more frequently during the grass-growing season. 


You should not miss a scheduled mowing or let the grass grow too long. You can mow your grass more frequently (sometimes twice per week), and then lower the mower blades gradually to bring it back to the ideal length.


If you want to keep your grass shorter, you must prepare more. You will need to mow shorter grass more often during the peak growing season.


It is important to reduce the length slowly to prevent your grass from burning or going into shock. Even if you do all these things, too short grass is bad. This can result in weak roots and bare patches. To encourage growth and minimize damage, you can water your grass if it is accidentally cut too short. Soak irrigation can prevent water loss and increase water absorption.


Kentucky Bluegrass is the most popular lawn grass in Colorado Springs. Kentucky Bluegrass is a cool season grass. This is the most common type of lawn for Coloradoans.


This grass grows best at 3 1/2 inches high and should not be cut any shorter than 2 1/2 inches. The roots shrink more if the grass is cut shorter than 2 1/2 inches. This causes the grass to become less stressed and requires more water.


A schedule will help your grass stay green and healthy. Mow your lawn more often during the growing season, with an average of once per week depending upon the grass type.


The cool season grass growth season is in spring and autumn. The frequency of your lawn's growth will depend on how much water it gets, how often you fertilize and how frequently you fertilize. Rainfall can also affect your mowing schedule. Avoid mowing your lawn when it's wet. This could cause damage to your mower and result in bare spots.


If your grass is looking unhealthy after being cut:


  • Your mower's blade setting could be too low, leading to scalping. This exposes the crown of the soil and soil to excessive heat.


  • The mower blades could be dull, resulting in a yellow or tattered appearance.


  • You may be letting your grass grow too long before cutting it. This could lead to the blade becoming bleached.


Properly mowing your lawn requires planning and attention. If done correctly, you can have a beautiful and healthy lawn. lawn and yard work lawn care specialists are experts in Colorado soil and can help you with your lawn's health. Get in touch